Strategy & realisation

Brainstorming and development of appropriate strategies for your company.

Based on your objectives

Organizing and Implementing Clear Marketing Structures

Impulse instead of friction! Inexplicitly assigned competencies in marketing lead to a waste of time, money and energy. It endangers your financial and economic success. Unfortunate if it happens once, dramatic if it repeats itself, tragic if it becomes reality. Allow structures and profit from our experience with harmony in hierarchy.


Organizing of employee events

(Christmas parties, employee appreciation day, etc.)


Increase of your degree of popularity within the branch

You have the right to have a good image. A good name means trust and it’s still true: NO business is done without trust! We at beko can help you to present or establish your name in the market. What benefits us are our skills (e.g. designing your representation at a fair) and our know-how of the most effective publishing and advertising media of our times.

Restructuring/re-launch of existing internet presence

Organizing events for customers nationally and internationally

How is your company represented at events for customers? Planning always makes a good impression! Our long-standing comprehensive experience in planning is our business card which you can also pass on to your business partners and prospective clients abroad with a clear conscience. No matter if it means organizing on site events, conferences, meetings or fairs at hotels: We love it when a plan works!

Implementation of Webvideo (YouTube etc.)

Active pictures move more
Never before in history has it been so easy to call attention to oneself. But never before have so many companies had the same ideas and almost the same possibilities to do so. Welcome to the age of communication. What sets your company apart from others now is quality. Web-Videos are the future. Make use of our connections to film-studios when creating and introducing web-videos. Open yourself to the possibilities modern cutting techniques offer to upgrade your basic film informative and graphically based on subject and requirements.