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beko – Marketing consulting and coordination

A healthy order book does not happen by magic. What your company has to offer the market needs to be strategically positioned in the customer’s mind. As a professional, you know this. That’s the reason for your visit to this site and I bid you a warm welcome!

Positioning your company at the forefront of customer’s minds ensures business success. For that reason, beko is committed to checking and developing individual marketing strategies and making them work. All you need is the right partner who can offer everything from a single source. A partner who has an overview of all the useful services, who understands networking and contacts, and who is therefore your key to success.

You should expect your partner to come up with ideas that are both flexible and solid. The right partner will also have useful business contacts and the market experience to make you and your range of services known. Your partner will succeed in finding, developing, and implementing a future-proof and effective approach to promote your company, name or product.

Allow your partner to assist in consultation, coordination and marketing. To point you towards niche markets and discover lucrative business opportunities. With trained expertise, they will also find numerous, possibly hidden, opportunities for improving your public image and in-house marketing.

Improvements are not temporary solutions but strategic objectives. It is therefore vital that your ideal partner knows how to use the best contacts and state-of-the-art communication technology to make your name and what drives you known, both at home and abroad. Your good name will become the brand. Long term!


I am your ideal partner.

Let’s talk about it.

Sincerely,Andrea Fellmann.

My target group

My services are primarily designed for mid-size companies who want to secure their future innovatively. Beko caters toward companies who do not have the necessary know-how or personnel at their disposal to handle the duties and responsibilities of effective marketing.

Preferred Branches

Generally my services are autonomous. However, the core competence of my services lies with the following branches:

  • Food and Non-Food Industry
  • Mechanical Engineering and Plant Engineering
  • Logistics Companies, Logistic Service Providers and their customers
    (for example manufacturing and trade)
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Why beko?

I act as a ccentral contact point for mid-size companies in all industries concerning questions about advisory service and coordination in marketing.


My Services

Optimization is my business, ideas are my passion.


Based on my work experience and training in marketing, advisory services and communication I am well aware that there are only few professionals who are well rounded, as well as coordinators. It is exactly this principle “Everything from one Source” that conveys the best overview.


My performance consists of conceptual design, brainstorming for marketing trends, organization of events as well as advertising campaigns, development and implementation of sales documentation and much more. My experience is called upon by different branches of trade, however, with special attention coming from businesses in mechanical engineering / plant engineering, the logistics sector as well as logistical service providers and their manufacturers.

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